ABOUT US Polish version



The Voice company was found in 1996 in Cieszyn. We are Polish-Czech company. Extensive business contacts on both sides of the border allow us to grow your business in many directions.

Each year you can see our products on Audio Show in Warsaw, where our exposure is much interest and appreciation among audiophiles.


item2 We are a distributor for such companies as:
  • Audiovector - stereo and home theater loudspeakers
  • Primare - power amplifiers, CD and DVD players and AV processors
  • Pro-Ject - analog turntables, amplifiers, headphone amplifiers and accessories
  • Cardas Audio – audio cables and accessories
  • REL - Subbass stereo systems and home theater
  • Cabasse - stereo and home theater loudspeakers
  • B.A.T. - power amplifiers, CD players
  • EAT - analog turntables, hi-end tubes
  • JABLOCOM – GSM desktop phones


We are a company that is still expanding, is looking for new partners, new brands and ideas. If you are interested in our products - we invite you to cooperation.

We are also happy to answer your questions about our products, and we can help in matters of cooperation between Polish and Czech Republic.